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Interns for Hire!

Choose from more than 450 skills screened, ready to employ young  people who want to be your Interns. At Interns for Hire we help you recruit and employ motivated young people. In short we work for you to source, recruit, employ, train, manage and progress your junior level staff.

Interns for Hire is run by the London Apprenticeship Company and Apprentices for Business and is supported by the National Apprenticeship Service.


Recruitment and Employment Services Summary

The London Apprenticeship Company and Apprentices for Business are specialist recruitment and employment service providers. We have four areas of expertise that cover the recruitment requirements of both the private and public sector:


London Internships
  • A pool of Intern Candidates matched to your individual organisational or business needs
  • Candidates aged 18 years and over
  • Hire Interns for a period of 3-6 months with the option to progress them onto a London Apprenticeship or Graduate Apprenticeship
  • Starting salaries from £187.00 per week (based on current NMW rates)
  • Quarterly total scheme costs from £3,502.00
  • Progression onto an Apprenticeship or Graduate Apprenticeship
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London Apprenticeships
  • Supporting business to recruit, employ and train junior level staff  in more than 1000 job roles
  • Access to a candidate pool of more than 100 pre-screened applicants
  • Candidates  have a minimum of 5  x GCSEs at grade A*-C  or 2 x AS/A Levels
  • All candidates have good maths, English and IT skills
  • Candidates are aged 16-23 years old
  • Training for 16-18 year olds is fully funded by the Skills Funding Agency
  • Apprentice salaries start  from a minimum of £150.00 per week
  • Total scheme costs of less than £10,000 per annum
  • £1,500 grants available for employers with less than 1000 staff
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Graduate Apprenticeships
  • Candidates have a University Degree
  • Applicants usually have industry-relevant work experience
  • Candidates are aged 21 years or older
  • Schemes run from 12 – 36 months in duration
  • Starting salaries from £270.00 per week (based on London Living Wage rates)
  • Total scheme costs from £20,000 per annum
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 London Apprenticeship Company Recruitment and Employment Services
  • Employ using our ‘outsourced employment’ model or employ directly
  • Legally compliant contracts of employment and Apprenticeship Agreements
  • Employment administration and payroll outsourced to the London Apprenticeship Company
  • Cost effective and low risk recruitment services
  • Continuous Apprentice / Intern / Graduate Apprentice support and mentoring
  • Job vacancy marketing and bespoke recruitment services
  • Job matching and short listing from our ‘Ready to Employ, Ready to Work’ candidate pools
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Email us with questions or enquiries or call our office 020 3651 4747.


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